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Ethical Hacking

Learn Ethical Hacking From Expert

Become an ethical hacker that can hack computer systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts.

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This Live Online Ethical Hacking Training is highly practical training; We'll start with ethical hacking basics, breakdown the different penetration testing fields and install the needed software (on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X), then we'll dive and start hacking straight away. From here onwards you'll learn everything by example, by analysing and exploiting different systems such as networks, servers, clients, websites .....etc, so we'll never have any boring dry theoretical lectures and we will work on some real life problems.

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What you will learn ?

  • Using hacking tools such as Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, SQLmap.....etc.
  • Discover vulnerabilities & exploit them to hack into servers.
  • Hack secure systems using client-side & social engineering.
  • Install & use Kali Linux - a penetration testing operating system.

  • Exploit buffer over flows & code execution vulnerabilities to gain control over systems.
  • How hackers Hack systems using client side attacks.
  • How hackers Hack systems using fake updates.
  • How hackers Hack systems by backdooring downloads on the fly.

  • How hackers use Exploit SQL injections to find databases, tables & sensitive data such as usernames, passwords...etc
  • How hackers Read / Write files to the server using SQL injections.
  • Learn the right way to write SQL queries to prevent SQL injections.
  • Discover reflected XSS vulnerabilities.

  • How hackers Read, write download, upload and execute files on compromised systems.
  • How hackers Capture keystrokes on a compromised system.
  • How hackers Use a compromised computer as a pivot to hack other systems.
  • Understand how websites & web applications work.

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Course Structure

    • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    • Footprinting and Reconssaince
    • Scanning Networks
    • Enumeration Concepts
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • System Hacking
    • Session Hijacking and Penetration Testing
    • Hacking web Servers
    • SQL Injection
    • Denial of Services


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